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Voluntary obligations

The Danish Cat Register association is an independent association founded by the Danish Veterinary Association, DOSO (A joint organisation based on the Danish animal protection organisations), Danish Animal Protection (Dyrenes Beskyttelse), the Animal Foundation, Felis Danica and The Danish Cat Protection League. The aim is to create a national cat register and ensure that the country’s cats are registered effectively and professionally directly through the country’s vets. Chairman of the association is Vibeke Hasund, who is also the Director of the Animal Foundation, and Vice Chairman is vet from Frederiksværk Animal Hospital, Lars Bloch.

In Denmark it is still not compulsory to register cats. Rather it is something you do voluntarily, as part of your responsibilities as a pet owner. More than 500,000 cats have been registered voluntarily in the register. And registration is the only real chance of getting your cat back, or finding out what has happened to it if it goes missing. There is no guarantee, but the normal, charitable and animal friendly people network, whereby someone finds a cat and goes out of their way to help it via the register, means every day missing cats are returned to their owners.

The Danish Cat Register is working to get legislation in place that protects cats through registration. In the meantime we and the most responsible cat owners protect the cats voluntarily. The register is available to all ear tattooed or chipped cats. You can check if your cat is already registered by looking under 'Search' in the menu. If you do not find your cat's details in your search, contact a vet to get it registered - it costs DKK 145. You get digital access to 'Min side' where you can report owner change or create report missing, this will be in Danish only.

Once your cat has been registered, not only is it protected in Denmark, but also in large parts of Europe through the Europetnet, a search portal that helps reunite owners with their lost pets in Europe. See which countries here.